Pork. Meat Worth Eating.

Pork. Meat Worth Eating.

Real Pasture-raised Pork: No – antibiotics. Yes – tender loving care.

No confinement pens or concrete here. Just a lot of rooting through the grass and rolling in the mud. We love our pigs! They’re fun, friendly, and one of the most-important parts of the agricultural endeavor at Three Maples Farm.

We chose Hereford hogs to raise in small batches, and we’ve never been disappointed by this outstanding heritage breed. Unlike commercial hogs, the Hereford is a medium-sized hog that is unique to the United States. It was developed in Iowa and Nebraska during the 1920’s from Duroc, Chester White and Poland China bloodlines. Additional breeding and selection led to the identification of 100 animals as foundation stock in 1934, and the National Hereford Hog Record was formed the same year to promote the new breed. Within the first decade, the association attracted 450 members, mostly concentrated in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.

For us, one experience with this amazing breed, and we were hooked. The meat they yield is pork the way you remember it: juicy, tender, flavorful, delicious, versatile, easy and absolutely fabulous every time! If you’ve given up on pork, we suggest you put one of these pork chops or a slab of this bacon on your plate – and be amazed!

Our pork is available in a variety of cuts – and feel free to make special requests. We raise no more than five pigs at a time, so half hogs and whole hogs must be reserved in advance to ensure availability.


Pork Chops, Bone-In

$9 per pkg. of 2

Pork Chops, Boneless

$10.50 per pkg of 2


Pork Side Ribs

$7 per lb

Pork Back Ribs

$42.00 per 3 lb. avg


Pork Leg Roast (Fresh Ham)

$22.75 per 3.5 lb.

Pork Shoulder Roast (Pork Butt)

$24.50 per 3.5 lb

Other Cuts

Ground Pork

$9 per 1 lb. package

Pork Neck Bones

$6 per lb

Leaf Lard

$12 per lb

Pig Feet

$5 per lb

Pig Tails

$7 per lb

Pork Tenderloin

$15 per 1.5 lb.

Side / Whole

Please contact Debra Hufendick for specific weights now available.

Side Of Pork

$6.50 per lb. (hanging weight)

Contact (815) 529-1034 to order.

Whole Hog

$6.50 per lb. (hanging weight.)

Contact (815) 529-1034 to order.

Smoked & Cured Pork - Nitrite-free

Breakfast Sausage Patties

$9 per lb

Breakfast Sausage Bulk

$9 per lb

Breakfast Sausage Links

$9 per lb.

Side Bacon – Nitrite-free

$17.50 per 1 lb.
 Jowl Bacon – Nitrite-free

$11 per lb.

Italian Sausage Bulk

$9 per lb

Italian Sausage Links

$9 per lb

Ham Steak

$8.50 per lb

Canadian Bacon

$9 per 1/2 lb. package

Cottage Bacon

$13 per 1 lb. package

Ham – Nitrite Free
$6.50 per lb.

Ham Hocks

$19.50 per 3 lbs.

Ham Steak

$8.50 per lb

For more smoked meats, please see the Smoked Meats page.