Welcome Home

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Three Maples Farm. We are so glad you took the time to find out more about us! We look forward to serving you, and hope you will make time to visit us in-person very soon.

Our approach to the animals here is one of respect and dignity. We recognize that each serves a very valuable purpose in the success of our small business and the satisfaction of our customers.

Regardless of what it is – turkey, chicken, beef or pork – we only raise in small batches, allowing us the flexibility to provide the most-natural setting for them to grow and thrive. So if you find yourself at our doorstep, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a free-ranging turkey or two… And our pigs always welcome an extra bucket of your fruit and vegetable peels, so feel free to bring those along!

On this site, you can place direct orders; schedule deliveries; learn more about how we raise our animals; and track what seasonal produce is available. We also feature specials on our handmade goat’s milk soaps in liquid and bar varieties.

We offer delivery throughout the Chicago area. Special orders are available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with questions.